CarAid 12V Portable and Foldable Pressure Washer

With Built-in Rechargeable Battery  

Model 9909-B

The patented CarAid 9909 Pressure Washer is specifically designed as a multi-purpose car washer. In addition to cleaning cars, it can also be used for watering gardens, hosing down camp sites, rinsing off after the beach, and even cleaning windows and patios. It is designed for frequent use without damaging wax or paint. The all-in-one, multi-purpose washer, no garden hose is needed and no AC power is required. Car owners can now wash their cars at anytime and anywhere. It’s also environmentally friendly and saves 30% more water than a regular pressure washer. It is the perfect washer for your day to day cleaning needs.

1. An expandable chamber that can hold up to 9.25 gallons water.

This water chamber is specially designed and made with food safe polypropylene. Polypropylene has good mechanical properties for toughness and flexibility. It is non-toxic, safe, and widely used in food industry.

It is collapsible for easy carry-on or storage.

2. Powerful Pump Set

 A powerful pump set is the most important component in a pressure washer, as the pump itself is central to the equipment. Currently all 12 Volt pressure washers( including our previous versions) on the market are using diaphragm pump set, which limits the maximum power to 60 Watts. We invested into designing a more powerful 12 Volt Piston Pump Set for our new model. This 150 Watt piston pump set makes the water pressure three times higher than all of existing 12 Volt washers on the market.

A following link is a YouTube video of our very first model – CarAid 9901:

As we stated that the water pressure of our new pressure washer is three times higher than our previous versions. This gives you an idea of what the water pressure of our previous washer looks like. 

3. Extended Brush.

Brush with soft flagged bristles and soap dispenser built into the brush handle. Also comes with three 18-inch wands for brush extension.

4.  A high pressure water spray gun

The high-pressure water gun with 1 foot extension wand. It also comes with 2 nozzle attachments. A super-fine opening for high-pressure needle point spray to blast off stubborn dirt, and also a 40-degree opening for a wide gentle spray. 

( The actual color of 40-degree nozzle is white)

Water Gun Set Up:

5. The triple-layer high pressure hose

23-foot flexible hose with quick-connect couplers.

6. Soap Cannon 

 7. Multiple power options: 

(1) Built-in rechargeable battery (CarAid 9909-B): Simply press the power switch to run the washer.                                                                         

To drive the powerful piston pump, this washer comes with a very durable and powerful 150 Watt built-in rechargeable battery. 

Charging instruction for the Built-in battery:

(2)  This washer can also be operated by vehicle cigarette lighter/auxiliary charging port (vehicle lighter adapter is included).

Insert the vehicle cigarette lighter power plug of the car charger into a vehicle cigarette lighter socket and plug the other end of the car charger into the CarAid Pressure Washer’s power inlet. 

(3)  It can also be powered by a home converter. (Purchase separately)   

 The 12V home power adapter converts your local home AC power to 12V ~12.6V DC. 

Note: The minimum rated power of the home power adapter must be 150 watts, or rated output current must be 13A DC and up. The plug size is 5.5x2.5mm.


Low motor speed (120 psi of water pressure) for brush, and high speed (260 psi) for water sprayer;

Voltage -------------------------------------------------------------12 Volt

Maximum Current ------------------------------------------------15 Amp

Maximum Power --------------------------------------------------150  Watt

Water Pressure ----------------------------------------------------260 PSI (18.3Kg/cm^2)

Capacity of Water Chamber ------------------------------------9.25 Gallons

Net Weight ----------------------------------------------------------14 Pounds 

Gross Weight -------------------------------------------------------15 Pounds 

Package Size -------------------------------------------------------20*14*12 Inches

All Purchases have one year warranty

CarAid 9909-B (With Built-in Rechargeable Battery)

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