If you experiencing any issues about our product, please contact us via anytime or call us at 347-881-7514 between 10am to 9pm Eastern time, we will be happy to assist you.

For helping us to do better job to assist you, we strongly hope that you could do following troubleshooting if the machine is not working or the water pressure is decreasing; 

Self Troubleshooting:

Step 1. Unplug the battery underneath the machine, then plug it back firmly.

Step 2. Recharge the battery again (even you think it was fully charged)
Step 3. Check the water filter inside of the water chamber, use a brush to clean it if necessary.
Step 4. Fill water in the tank about 1/3 or more;

Step 5. Do not connect water hose to the machine.

Step 6. Turn on the power:

(watch the video)

If you see that the water is pumped out, then use a finger as the video demoed to stop the water follow. The machine itself is normal if you can not stop the water follow, then go to Step 7.

If the water follow is easy to be stopped by a finger, stop the testing and contact us. 

if you hear the pump running but no water is pumped out. Stop the testing and contact us. 

If you do not hear the pump running, please jump to step B.

Step 7

Connect the water hose (only) to the machine and turn on the power:

Go to step 8 if the water follow is normal, otherwise the hose is kinked or twisted.

Step 8:

Connect the water sprayer to the hose and turn on the power switch;

Please use both the red nozzle and white nozzle to test, contact us if you need help.
If the nozzle is partially blocked, the water spray will not straight and the pressure will be drop down:

In this case, use a needle to clean the hole on the nozzle.

Step B:

Please use the car charge adaptor to connect between vehicle cigarette lighter socket and the pressure washer, turn on the car key and turn on power switch of the pressure washer:

If the machine is working with a vehicle power but is not with the rechargeable battery, it means that it is the rechargeable battery issue. Please contact us.

If the machine is still not working, it is the pump-set issue. Please contact us.

The one of the advantages of the CarAid pressure washer is that all of the parts of the machine are easy to be replaced at customer site. The following video shows you how to replace the pump-set:

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