Operation Tips


Never long time run the pump without water, it will damage the pump.


Never put dirty water in the tank, the water filter do not stop the small dust or sands, it will be stuck in the water pump, and will damage the pump. Alway use clean water and keep inside of tank clean.



  • Do not operate the water gun with the Brush Mode.
  • Do not operate the brush with  the Nozzle Mode.

The power switch has two modes: Brush Mode (low pressure) and Nozzle Mode (high pressure).

* When power switch is in the Brush Mode, it is for brushing operation only. Please DO NOT operate the water gun while in this mode. If the water gun is used in Brush Mode  the protective circuit will shut down for several seconds to protect the motor. But the washer will resume automatically after several seconds, and the motor will continue to shut down for several seconds again and again until Brush Mode is changed to Nozzle Mode.

* Please DO NOT operate the brush while in Nozzle Mode! It might damage the brush!




* This pressure washer is equipped with a micro-switch sensitive to water flow. This Total Stop System (TSS) senses water flow in the pump. When the trigger is released, water stops flowing through the pump. The TSS then automatically turns the motor off to protect the pump from overheating, thus saving energy and prolonging pump life.

The TSS system will only work when there's water in the chamber. When there's no water in the unit, the power button must be switched to off to stop the unit.

NOTE: The motor only runs when the trigger is operated and shuts off when the trigger is released. But the TSS only works when the power switch is in the “Nozzle” position.

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      There is water leakage out of the hose connection on the unit itself, when not in use (and the hose is not connected). Is this normal?


      Yes, it is normal. The small cylinders inside the pump stop when the machine is turned off, and sometimes they are stopped in a "open" position, thereby allowing a little bit of water to leak out. You can keep the water outlet covered with the small black cup, which is attached on the water outlet, to prevent the leakage from occurring. 

For reducing the water splashing when move the washer with full of water in the tank:

1. The machine with 9 gallons water are almost 100 pounds, it is very heavy, please pull the washer carefully and slowly.

2. Place a piece of bubble wrap above the water will reduce the water splashing during the washer moving.

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