* Gently expand the collapsible water chamber to its full size:

Fill with clean water; 

* The pressure washer has two speeds settings; controlled by a power switch.  Push the power switch all the way left – to the “Brush” position, designed for low speed and lower water pressure for brush use only. Push the power switch all the way to the right – “Nozzle” position, for high speed and higher water pressure for spray nozzle use only.



Never press power switch to left (Brush) for spray nozzle use as it might cause pump to shut down.

Never press power switch to right (Nozzle) for brush use, the higher water pressure might damage the brush. 

* This pressure washer is equipped with a micro-switch sensitive to water flow. This Total Stop System (TSS) senses water flow in the pump. When the trigger is released, water stops flowing through the pump. The TSS then automatically turns the motor off to protect the pump from overheating, thus saving energy and prolonging pump life.

The TSS system will only work when there's water in the chamber. When there's no water in the unit, the power button must be switched to off to stop the unit.

NOTE: The motor only runs when the trigger is operated and shuts off when the trigger is released. But the TSS only works when the power switch is in the “Nozzle” position.

CarAid 9909-B (With Built-in Rechargeable Battery)

CarAid 9909-B (With Built-in Rechargeable Battery)

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